Like Gloves full of Sand

Documentary Film for ARTE’s “Theme Night” by Reinhild Dettmer-Finke

2006, 75 Min. / 45 Min., a TAG/TRAUM production for ARTE/WDR, 75 min. (Ger., Fr., Eng. subtitles)

The film follows the lives of six people who live with the deadly motor neuron disease, ALS. It questions how they can manage to live a fulfilled life, knowing death is so near. It shows what we know about ALS so far, asks why we know so little and presents which therapies are being developed.


Cinematographer: Ingo Behring

Editor: Mike Schlömer

Sound: Mark Klotz

Music: Adrian Mears

Commissioning Editor: Sabine Rollberg


Grand Prix at the 8th “International Life-Style Film Festival of Szolnok” in Hungary.

Gold Award from the international World Media Festival 2008 in Hamburg, Germany.