Shoah and Pin-Ups. The NO!- Artist Boris Lurie

Documentary Film by Reinhild Dettmer-Finke and Matthias Reichelt

2006/7, 88/60 Min., WDR/arte New York/Woodstock/Paris; Ger./Eng.

SHOAH and PIN-UPS, a documentary film about breaking taboo.  80 year-old, New Yorker artist, Boris Lurie, puts things together in his artwork that must not be placed together.  Holocaust victims and nudes, the Shoah and Pin-Ups.

Shown in numerous cinemas and film festivals in Germany and abroad.


Cinematographer: Rainer Hoffmann

Sound and Editing: Mike Schlömer

Composition/Bass: Dieter Ilg

Sounddesign: Martin Langenbach

Press comments

“An impressive portrait.  Highly recommended.”
TIP, Berlin, April 2007

“An intimate documentary film which shows Lurie’s work to be necessary even today.”
TAZ Berlin, 5-6th April 2007