Tubingen´s Southside: From experiment to success model

A Documentary by Reinhild Dettmer-Finke

2008/1999, 2 x 30 min., SWR

This film tells about a new kind of urban life. In 1993, the city of Tubingen built a new district out of the former French military garrison. It was intended to be a lively urban neighborhood and not a faceless, newly built-up suburb. So-called joint building ventures (Baugemeinschaft) were given priority to rebuild the site. Businesses had to occupy the ground floor. In 1999, we were already able to report on the preliminary results of this ambitious project. Nearly 10 years later, we want to know how this neighborhood has developed since then.


Cinematographer: Markus Stecher / Axel Frank

Editor: Monika Zeindler-Efler

Commissioning Editor: Felicitas Wehnert