When Kids run away

A Documentary by Reinhild Dettmer-Finke

2004, 45 Min., defi-filmproduktion & Behring Filmproduktion for SWR / WDR

The film “When Kids Run Away” recounts a nightmare many parents have. Your child skips school, starts lying, refuses to accept rules and decisions made, takes drugs, eventually no longer takes part in family life and just runs away. This nightmare takes shape with the example of 15 year-old Chiara.


Cinematographer: Ingo Behring

Editor: Mike Schlömer

Sound: Mark Klotz

Music: Mike Schweizer

Commissioning Editor: Eva Witte

Press comments

“…The SWR documentary successfully combines long-term study, analysis and social criticism all in one. It was surprisingly multi-facetted. The film’s open end virtually demands a sequel.”
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